How many 1sts is DeRozan worth?

With Ball hurt, the Bulls may be looking to be sellers at this years deadline.

I really like Hart's game, but he's a free agent this summer so come January i'd like to see us pull off a Hart/Nurk/(Nas if healthy)/Picks trade for Derozan and Drummond. We'd have to remove our pick restrictions on the one we owe them for 2023 and include at least 2 more in my opinion.

The Bulls could even flip Hart again to a contender for more picks.

If we can have a big 4 with only one of them (Dame) on a max contract, we would be contenders for the next couple 3-4 seasons.

Hart's a better rebounder and defender than DeRozan. But DeRozan is bigger and better overall offensively. Drummond would provide better rebounding and rim protection than Nurk. Plus he doesn't need the ball on offense. With 4 scorers around him, he can do what he does best.

When healthy could always have at least 2 scoring threats on floor.... and when we play our starters we be a nightmare to defend.

We'd still be thin at the Center position, but hopefully we can solve that on the free agent our buyout market.

Dame/Ant/DeRozan/Grant/Drummond - elite

Keon/Sharpe/GP2/Winslow/Eubanks - ok (when Sharpe gets a killer mentality - very good)