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Jacked Ramsays Live Mail Bag: Will Raptors Blow It Up - And Can Blazers Benefit?

Danny and Brandon start your week off right.

Toronto Raptors vs Detroit Pistons Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

It’s an all new Jacked Ramsays Mail Bag show! Join Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague where they hit on: Will the Raptors blow it up? Does a slow start (13-17) being only a handful of games out of the Eastern Conference, Fred VanVleet’s slow burn and a failure to maximize the win now of one end of the roster mean they should look to reset? Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

From there the question of, does a bad loss to Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks means anything? During the run of 82 games to good wins or bad losses mean anything telling? How much do you buy into what they can say about a team?

As it’s the holidays, the important questions keep coming in. Christmas ham or turkey? Yes, there’s a correct answer!

An interesting question came in on Portland Trail Blazers rookie Shaedon Sharpe as well. How do you view Sharpe’s current impact? Positive, neutral or negative? Evaluating and/or valuing players on different development arcs is certainly intriguing. How does it hold up for Sharpe?

That and a whole lot more on the latest Jacked Ramsays Mail Bag!

Tap in now!