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Announcing Blazer’s Edge Night 2023!

Help send kids to see the Trail Blazers play the Sacramento Kings!

Minnesota Timberwolves v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Soobum Im/Getty Images

With your help, Blazer’s Edge hopes to send thousands of underserved youth and children from the greater Portland area—plus their teachers, counselors, coaches, and chaperones—to see the Portland Trail Blazers play the Sacramento Kings on March 29th, 2023. Since 2007, this website has hosted this annual charity event wherein people like you and me, just normal folks, make small donations that end up making a big difference. From humble beginnings, sending just over 100 kids, we have grown to over 2,000 attendees per year. Most would never be able to see a game in person but for your generosity.

Year after year we get letters from principals, teachers, and others who work with underserved communities thanking us for providing a great experience for the children they work with. When everyone comes together under the big lights, in front of the huge scoreboard, looking down on the real, live Portland Trail Blazers court, magic happens. Eyes grow wide. Young voices cheer every play like it’s the NBA Finals. The Moda Center gets loud, spirited, and full of joy.

The single, consistent comment we get from chaperones is that they finally get to see the kids they serve be kids. It doesn’t just change an evening, it changes relationships and lives. Adults get to tell the kids, “Yes! You get to go! We all do!” The attendees look forward to it all winter and spring. When the big night arrives, it’s amazing for everyone in the building.

But this event doesn’t happen without help from you. Sending a child or two or twenty is simple...easier this year than ever before!

The Trail Blazers have set up a special website for us. The link is here. All you do is click through to that website and purchase tickets, just as if you were buying them for yourself. You can see the seats available, the price, the whole works! Except instead of going into your account, the tickets you purchase are reserved for Blazer’s Edge Night attendees.

During the time between now and March, local youth and school leaders will contact us, asking for tickets. We get to tell them, “Yes!” because of the seats you donate that night. We’ve never had a problem selling out our reserved allotment and we’ve always found plenty of participants to use them.

If you could, please donate a ticket or two. Prices start at just $11 per ticket and range up to $41. We’d love to get them all donated. If you’d include us in your season of giving, both we and a couple thousand kids in the greater Portland area would appreciate it.