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Evoca TV May Discontinue Service, Blazers Broadcasts

The new delivery method for Portland games doesn’t last long.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Charlotte Hornets Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

Evoca TV, the newest—and purportedly cheapest—way to watch Portland Trail Blazers broadcasts has warned that it may shut down at the end of the 2022 calendar year due to lack of funding. Mike Rogoway of The Oregonian posted an article last night explaining Evoca’s situation and their current communication with customers.

Evoca mimics any number of streaming services, but requires an antenna and dedicated box to receive its broadcast packages. Those packages include Root Sports, the network carrying Trail Blazers games. That, and the $30 price point, set Evoca apart from other, larger services.

But, as Rogoway shared, Evoca sent out a notice to customers this week, predicting an imminent shutdown unless more funding becomes available.

“This is a difficult economy for a company like ours to raise the funding that we need to grow,” Evoca wrote in a note to customers. “Should we be unable to raise more capital, we are sad to say that Evoca TV will discontinue operations and programming on December 31st, 2022.”

Rogoway also reported that, should a shutdown occur, Evoca will not charge customers for the month of December and will not ask for equipment to be returned.