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Jacked Ramsays: Special Guest Cory Jez

The analytics brain for the Blazers joins ths show.

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Join Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague on a special episode of Jacked Ramsays Live with special guest Cory Jez, On-Air Analytics Insider for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Together they’ll dive into Cory’s background in analytics, how he got into this very particular world and ultimately what led to him ending up in Portland on air in the little box on screen during games explaining very specific points during a basketball game.

The broader discussion of analytics and their place in the NBA, how and where they’re applicable, use cases in the NBA, what’s real and what’s not, how to parse through the noise of sample sizes and adding context that makes sense to the ones and zeroes.

Effectively, the nerdiest NBA show you can imagine wrapped up in a nice little bow. Tap in now!

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