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Simons, Sharpe, and the Trail Blazers Growth Curve

Dave and Marlow, Episode 4 looks at another successful week for the Blazers.

Memphis Grizzlies v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

Your new favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast is back on the air! Episode 4 of Dave and Marlow picks up the Blazers’ story just after their loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, but don’t worry! Dave Deckard and Marlow Ferguson predict a 1-1 performance in the Valley of the Sun against Phoenix, then discuss the other critical matchups of Portland’s six-game road swing. (Hint: Two games, in particular, could make it or break it.) The duo also talk about the stability of Portland’s start, the potential fragility of their record, and definitions of success after 20 games now. What target do the Blazers need to hit in order to be in good shape as the first quarter of the season closes?

Marlow and Dave also look back on a handy win against the Houston Rockets. What did it show, particularly for rookie Shaedon Sharpe? And how is Anfernee Simons developing in the absence of Damian Lillard? What hidden, positive signs might show him making a big evolutionary step?

They also treat the Memphis game. How did the Grizzlies run Portland into a rare loss? If you said, “Overwhelming guard power...” then sure, but the Blazers also faced that in Phoenix with less of a lineup and prevailed. There’s more to Portland’s strengths and weaknesses than meet the eye, and Dave and Marlow cover it for you.

You also get the usual dose of player rundowns, humor, and all the stuff you’ve come to expect.

You can download this episode or subscribe to the podcast here, or simply click play on the embed below!

Thanks for listening!