Evoka Evacuating? Huh?

Hi Fellow fans. Many of you are likely receiving your games via Evoka TV. And why wouldn't you be? The teams choice of networks limited some previously available options and Evoka jumped into the scene with an affordable option.

The Trailblazers even came out with a press release supporting the partnership.

Now, just a couple months later I receive this letter, suggesting either some sort of investor gamesmanship or a mid season bow out....


To our valued subscribers,
Evoca TV was founded on the belief that TV should be accessible to all.

Since 2018, we have enjoyed growing this company into a world-class TV provider, specializing in regional sports and unique local content. We're proud to be the first in many innovative customer experiences, from live sports interactivity, game recording features and our unrivaled customer support - all at an affordable price.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey and for trusting us to bring your favorite TV into your homes.

The past few years have been marked with unique challenges which required constant adaptation: a pandemic, global supply chain issues, and inflation. Our resourceful team responded with hard work and a commitment to champion our mission to bring the best TV to our communities. We have seen tremendous growth and have thousands of loyal subscribers. However, this is a difficult economy for a company like ours to raise the funding that we need to grow. Should we be unable to raise more capital, we are sad to say that Evoca TV will discontinue operations and programming on December 31st, 2022.

To thank you for your commitment to Evoca, service in December is free. If we must shutdown, then we will waive our return policies and you may simply keep your Evoca equipment.

It is an honor to serve you, and we appreciate your trust. We are optimistic about the future and will let you know about our progress.

Evoca TV

Customers with a Sling bundle will receive additional information in the coming days.
Please email with any questions.


What the heck?