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Lamar Hurd on Life Lessons, Bunnies & Shaedon Sharpe

The Portland analyst speaks on all things Trail Blazers

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Join hosts Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague as they sit down with Trail Blazers TV Analyst Lamar Hurd to discuss - well everything that’s going on with the Portland Trail Blazers and their 5-2 start to the regular season!

In what is true Lamar Hurd fashion - he was asked a simple question of “how were you’re bunnies back in the day” in reference to his obscene vertical back in his playing days and that turned into a 10 minute life lesson that makes everyone better.

After that the discussion shifted to Shaedon Sharpe and the mystery he was on draft night - what have you learned about him on and off the floor?

The demise of Damian Lillard was greatly exaggerated. What changes have you noticed in this team overall - the tangible, physical difference that you can see and feel in the early goings of the season?

Josh Hart is absolutely insane in the best of ways -w hat does his energy and tenacity mean to the team? What’s a Josh Hart story that captures just how competitive he truly is?

What makes Lamar Hurd angry and a story about landing on The Bachelor and Oprah Winfrey!

And a whole lot in between- we tried to send Lamar on his way numerous times, but he’s so gracious with his time that we just kept going! Tap in and check out what was an incredibly fun show to do!

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