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Blazer’s Edge Night 2023 Coming Soon!

The annual charity event will likely have a special bonus this season!

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers

We are happy to announce that we are almost ready to unveil details for Blazer’s Edge Night 2023! For those who don’t know, Blazer’s Edge Night is the evening when thousands (yes, thousands) of young people—plus teachers, counselors, coaches, and other chaperones—get to attend a Blazers game using tickets donated by readers of this site. The vast majority of participants would never be able to attend a game on their own. Because of us, they get to go with their whole class, or team, or after school program. It’s a fantastic event, a great night each year.

You can expect a formal announcement to come this week. But in the meantime, we have a SPECIAL BONUS ADDITION this year.

If possible, we would like to hold a gathering of the Blazer’s Edge community in conjunction with this year’s event. We’d probably have it in a large, open venue, with food available, plus a chance for you to meet and greet each other and site staff.

Here’s the deal with that: We’d need a place to host the event and probably people to help plan it. We’re in the nascent stages right now. But if you have connections in the large-group gathering world—like you own or manage a venue or you’re a planner—you can contact me at

Here are the caveats:

  1. I’ll likely be paying for this out of pocket, so the set-up cost has to remain reasonable. That means getting creative. If possible, we’d like to not charge admission, but have people order food and drinks on their own if they wish.
  2. We absolutely love small restaurants and local businesses, but if you’ve got a place that seats 60, it’s not going to work for these purposes. I’d be happy to talk to you about holding a staff dinner there, but for this event, I don’t believe any indoor restaurant space will work. It’s going to be too big.
  3. It’d help if you were familiar with the Blazer’s Edge spirit and culture, but it’s not required. We do want to make sure everyone is fairly compensated for everything, but this is more a labor of love than profit for people who participate. Some affinity to the site and its work probably helps with that.

Email me at if you have an ideas or can help with the gathering, and watch this week for the upcoming announcement about ticket donations