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Lamar Hurd Praises Shaedon Sharpe on Zach Lowe Podcast

The Zach Lowe podcast features some prize Trail Blazers content.

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Shaedon Sharpe and the Portland Trail Blazers got plenty of love on this week’s edition of The Lowe Post, ESPN commentator Zach Lowe’s podcast. Lowe welcomed Lamar Hurd, Trail Blazers analyst. Hurd waxed eloquent about all things Blazers, but his praise was effusive for Sharpe, Portland’s rookie lottery pick.

He can shoot the three, his athleticism is unreal, he just plays with this calm, with this demeanor. Like, all the guys – watch, watch the Blazers – they all have this calm demeanor. They’ll give you thirty, not crack a smile, not say a word to you. They give you thirty, do the post-game interview, go home, and do it all over again. And Shaedon falls right into that line where it’s all about business with him. And you’re right, off-the-ball he does get lost a lot, that’s been happening a lot more, but, again, what rookie doesn’t? And, quite frankly, it happens to a lot of veterans as well. So, that’s all stuff that he will get, but the natural talent – I heard a name, I was on somebody else’s podcast a few weeks ago, and there’s a guy here in Portland, his name is Brandon. He said ‘Baby Kobe.’ That’s what he called him. And when he said it, I’m not going to be the person that says no. Like, if we fast-forward the clock 15 years from now and Shaedon is – I’m not even going to say Kobe – but if he’s Kobe-ish, it will not surprise me one bit. Not one bit at all. He’s unreal, man. He’s unreal. He’s got some natural stuff that other dudes just don’t have. And he’s a real scorer, Zach. He scores in mid-range – I think he could probably post up too.

So far this season, Sharpe is averaging 9.2 points per game in 21.4 minutes, having played in 16 out of Portland’s 17 contests. The rookie is shooting 50.0% from the field, 42.9% from the three-point arc.