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Trail Blazers, Jazz Battle to Bitter End

Analysis of Portland’s narrow loss to Utah.

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers fell to the Utah Jazz 118-113 on Saturday night, inverting the top teams in the Western Conference. The Blazers lost Damian Lillard to a re-aggravated calf injury along the way. Anfernee Simons led the Blazers with 23 in the loss, while guard Malik Beasley poured in 29 for Utah, followed closely by guard Jordan Clarkson with 28.

If you missed the action or want to hear what happened in detail, you can check out our quarter by quarter recap here. As far as other observations...

Unfortunately, Blazer’s Edge fell victim to the league’s blackout rules. Site Manager Dave Deckard resides within the Utah Jazz blackout zone, but has never had a problem seeing nationally-televised games before. This game was on NBA TV, which should have qualified, but nope! So we don’t have detailed analysis or observations from the game directly.

However, Blazer’s Edge has an incredible reader base, most of whom will have watched this game from start to finish. We’re going to summon that resource now. Below this post, you’ll find our comment section.

Tonight, the Blazers-Jazz contest is going to wrap up with a build-your-own analysis post. All of you who watched the action, give us an idea of the key players, developments, moments, and trends that typified the game. The quarter by quarter recap tells us what happened. You get to tell us why and how.

If you’re new to the site, have fun meeting our readers. If you’re experienced here, this will be a welcome contrast from the usual mostly-excellent analysis, a chance to see things a little differently.

Have fun, and enjoy the observations in the comments!

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