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Blazers’ City Edition Jersey Ranked No. 6 by The Athletic

Another positive review comes in.

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NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Portland Trail Blazers Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The PDX carpet design of the Portland Trail Blazers’ City Edition jerseys has received a generally mixed response from fans. Some simply love the “weird” homage to the Portland International Airport, and others are less than wowed by the lack of traditional Blazers colors. But how does it compare to other City Edition jerseys around the league?

The Athletic staff circled up to dive into just that, ranking the Trail Blazers’ design at sixth-best in the NBA. This places Portland’s somewhat bizarre entry just behind the Atlanta Hawks and just ahead of the Dallas Mavericks.

Here is what Rhiannon Walker, Hunter Patterson, James L. Edwards III and Jason Jones had to say about the design:

Walker (24): This is the ultimate IYKYK (if you know, you know). If you’ve ever been to the Portland airport, you know these jerseys celebrate the design of its carpet. It’s fantastic.

Patterson (21): It’s great to see the Blazers keep the stripe design. The play on the Portland airport is cool, but I will admit I’ve been to that airport multiple times and must’ve been too focused on getting to baggage claim to notice.

Edwards (16): They’re different, for sure, and the Portland airport carpet they’re based on is a sight to see. However, I just want the Blazers to play in their standard black uniforms all the time.

Jones (16): I really never paid attention to the carpet in the Portland airport — ever. But, hey, it works for them.

The Trail Blazers wore their new City Edition jerseys for the first time against the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday, looking crisp and winning the game 117-110.