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Greg Brown III Sent To The G-League

The second year forward will join the Ontario Clippers to get some run.

Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers have sent Greg Brown III to the G-League to play for the Ontario Clippers. The second-year forward will join the Los Angeles Clippers’ affiliate after suiting up for the Blazers in only four games this season, averaging 5.5 minutes.

The Blazers are only one of two NBA teams not to have their own G-League team affiliate.

Brown III was selected out of Texas by the New Orleans Pelicans with the 43rd pick in 2021, before being traded to the Blazers on draft night.

Last season, Brown III appeared in 48 games and started in six, averaging 4.7 points on 31 percent three-point shooting, as well 2.8 rebounds, 0.7 assists and some stunning dunks. He’s averaged 2.5 points this season.

The extra run will no doubt help Brown III, 21, who has been languishing on the Blazers deep bench through the early part of the 2022-23 NBA season. While he’s away, somebody will need to take his place as Portland’s primary bench hype man.