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Trail Blazers Launch New NBA City Edition Jerseys

Shout out to the Portland Airport carpet.

The Portland Trail Blazers have officially launched their new 2022-23 NBA City Edition jerseys, available now for purchase at the NBA Store, here. The jersey pays homage to the iconic Portland International Airport carpet, which has its design prominently featured as a diagonal stripe across the uniform, below the letters “PDX.”

The carpet design came to fame in the 1990’s as travelers to Portland took notice of the unique pattern and started the trend of photographing it to indicate their location. While the original carpet was removed during renovations three years ago, it is slated to return in parts of the new terminal opening in 2024.

This City Edition has been a long time coming. It is not only uniquely Portland, and by extension “weird,” it looks really crisp. Check out this video of guard Anfernee Simons wearing the jersey, tweeted from the Trail Blazers’ official account this morning.

Many of you already saw the design when it leaked on November 2, but let us know what you think of it in the comments below. Will you be donning the black and teal?