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Trail Blazers Emphases Going Forward Are Clear After Preseason Week 1

In the final episode of Dave and Dia, we talk new starts, sad ends.

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast is on the air one more time in this iteration! Dave Deckard and Dia Miller come together one more time for Dave and Dia, a Blazer’s Edge Podcast, to talk about the goings on with the Trail Blazers during week one of the preseason exhibition schedule.

The dynamic duo piece together what they can from the earliest games of the year, which turns out to be quite a lot! They go through the roster, player by player, pointing out significant things about Damian Lillard’s look, Anfernee Simons’ role, Jusuf Nurkic’s execution, Jerami Grant’s fit, Josh Hart’s approach, Shaedon Sharpe’s excellence, and more! They talk schemes, dreams, and possible implications for the road forward in Portland. They even settle on a rough priority list for the start of the season. Which players do the Blazers need to get going early in the year and which can follow in the wake? Now that the court is alive and bouncing, you’ll get enough basketball to fill a Halloween pumpkin and more!

We also hear that this will be the last Dave and Dia episode for Dia Miller, for now. Her professional and family responsibilities are ever growing. You can hear her explain what’s up, then ride along as she retraces her journey over the last three years and where it’s led her. It’s an unmissable, unforgettable segment. We invite you to join in and to thank Dia for all the genuine emotion, spirit, analysis, and entertainment over the years.

We’re not going to spoil it for you, but we do have a new co-host lined up for next week. Be sure and tune in then to see what the next evolution looks like, and whose voice you can come to know and love over the next few years!

You can download this episode or find the podcast page here, or just click on the embed below to play!

Thanks again to all our listeners! Follow Dia on Twitter and stay tuned next week to see the next iteration of the podcast!