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Lowe: Blazers Forwards Are Better Than Aminu, Harkless

The ESPN analyst suggests the current forward rotation is better than the duo that got the Blazers to the Western Conference Finals.

New York Knicks v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers addressed their weakness at the forward position this offseason, trading for forward Jerami Grant.

ESPN’s Zach Lowe believes the Blazers’ current forward rotation is better than the Moe Harkless, Al-Farouq Aminu combination that got to the 2019 Western Conference Finals.

A week after labelling the Blazers roster “blah”, Lowe and Kevin Pelton agreed on the Lowe Post that the combination of Grant, Nassir Little, Justise Winslow and Josh Hart is better than the 2019 duo.

“Pelton: I think they can actually be better offensively because those guys (Harkless, Aminu) really didn’t have much capacity to do anything off the dribble which showed up often times in the playoffs, Jerami Grant we know can and I think Nas Little has the ability to do it as well.

“Lowe: Josh Hart for sure, Josh Hart in the open court is a freight train. I agree with you. To me not only could they be better than the Harkless, Aminu pairing, they should be way better than the Harkless, Aminu pairing because they can catch and dribble and you can’t just leave them 30 feet of space like teams would do in the playoffs.”

“I described the Blazers as blah repeatedly last week. Blah to me means 500, blah means I don’t see ‘oh my god, the blazers are on a 49-win pace, where did that come from’ sexiness to them. I can see blah being thrown back in my face, I could see it but I’m still going blah, I’m still going under 38 wins.”

You can listen to the discussion here 66 minutes in.