Impressions from the Moda Center Last Night

- It was good to be back!

- The Blazers look small. It's always interesting to see how players size up in real life as opposed to on screen. Sadly, almost every line-up appeared dwarfed by whoever Utah had out there. Grant is the only player who had size and length on his matchup. This wouldn't be an issue if they were out hustling their opponent, but they weren't.

- Dame really does seem to be back. He's got that swagger and confidence of past years.

- A awful lot of confusion. Blazers players looked consistently confused while running sets and on defense. Their facial expressions said, "wait, what's going on here?" much of the time. Of course some of this is to be expected in a pre-season game, but it felt a little too prevalent for comfort.

- Shaedon Sharpe stood still on offense a lot. For much of the time he had the look of a student who was observing class but not actually participating. But then towards the end he began to pick it up and you could see he was an exceptional athlete. His size isn't particularly striking, but he does seem quick and athletic.

- There's a new time-out feature at the Moda Center where they ask fans to scan a QR code and then selfie video - fan videos then videos get livecast onto the jumbotron. It seems like it could be fun but was a little glitchy last night. Half the time we just saw videos of people's feet and hands or bewildered looks as they struggled with the video interface. Kind of like the Blazers out there!

- Here's to figuring all this out!