Zion Doing his Rehab in Portland! Future Blazer?

Okay, Zion is a guy whose body is not meant to hold up for NBA basketball. But, when he is healthy, he bends the game.

I found it interesting to learn he is rehabbing away from his team in Portland, Oregon.

As a die hard Blazer fan, the only next logical step is to assume this piece of news means he is forcing his way to the Blazers!

Let's say we get a top pick and trade it to New Orleans for Zion. And let's say Dame gets healthy and Zion also gets healthy. Can we win with a Dame/Zion core?

Also, what would it take to get Zion if he asks out and wants to come join Dame and his favorite rehab staff in Portland?

Is this news of Zion rehabbing in Portland something, nothing, or everything?