Rick Mahorn talking about CJ

On the NBA channel of SXM Radio Rick Mahorn was asked if he thinks CJ McCollum is a better player (more valuable to a team) than Ben Simmons. He very quickly said that he does think CJ is more valuable because of his ability to get buckets as well as assists and possibly even lead a team. Granted he never did touch on Ben's defense but I thought it was interesting.

He also said he thinks CJ is the most underrated player in the NBA. Man why can Morey just realize that CJ & RoCo is a great package for Simmons and let both teams move forward with revamped rosters??!! CJ & RoCo & a pick (I know they want a first, but maybe a 2nd) for Simmons and Thybulle, who seems to be their odd man out at wing right now.