Blow it up?

Ideas to get young, under the cap (this year) and get a little talent back. Challenge would be who would lead this team as I don't see a true leader. Also got to pay some people in the offseason (Ayton, Ant) and a couple the following year.

Trade 1:

Cleveland: Love for McCollum:

Actually take on a little salary (400k)and can use Love to come off the books next year or trade a HUGE expiring contract.

I would expect at least one first rounder back

Trade 2:

Phoenix (Finals?) - Nurk and Covington - 25 million going out

Portland - Ayton and Saric(out) 21million coming back and get at least 1 first rounder. Have to pay Ayton next year. 21 million coming in

Trade 3

Philly (Finals) - Lillard (ouch and Ouch) 39 million out

Portland - simmons and Thubulle 36 million coming in

Also expect at least 1 first rounder coming in.

Ideally we get 3 to 4 first rounders out of this and get a nice lottery pick...ESPN has us decreasing wins by 25 (didn't even know it could go that low......Don't think I want first this year but down the road.

Starters: 4 plus defenders - 3 guys who want the ball in their hands.







Powel - open to trading

love - trade or expire next year