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Could the Blazers Get TWO Big Trade Targets?

The Jacked Ramsays continue our day-long look at Trail Blazers trade possibilities.

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Detroit Pistons v Indiana Pacers Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It’s Mail bag Monday on a Wednesday - thanks to a lengthy 6-game road trip with games every other day, the Jacked Ramsays mail bag has been moved for this week but your questions are still being answered!

Join Danny Marang and Brandon Sprague as they tackle all of your trade deadline questions with less than a month remaining before the clock strikes midnight and the Blazer’s roster hopes turn into a pumpkin again. Among them:

“Looking through cleaning the glass I’m curious why Jerami grant is on any team’s list of trade candidates. He doesn’t appear to be any better than a good bench player. He makes 20m per and is gonna want a new 100m-ish extension. Walk us through it please.”

Diving into why the Portland Trail Blazers would want Jerami Grant from the Detroit Pistons.

As well as:

“Not sold on Myles Turner, the few times I’ve watched him most of his blocks come from getting beat by his own man and the coming with the chase down block. Not impactful, just like Caitlyn Cooper has said?”

Being sold on whether or not it makes sense to add Myles Turner from the Indiana Pacers - citing Pacers expert and all around wonderful analyst and friend of the show, Caitlin Cooper.

While also addressing what may be one of the bigger and more important questions as it pertains to the man behind the deals:

“With the interim tag pretty much being removed for joe Cronin, is Marc Eversley still possible for president of basketball Ops? Why would Joe Cronin be interested in a symbolic title raise while still being number 2?”

Dive into those questions and a lot more on this extended version of the Jacked Ramsays Mail Bag show.

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