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McCollum’s Contract An Albatross For Blazers

Bleacher Report ranks the worst contracts for each team.

NBA: Boston Celtics at Portland Trail Blazers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

As the trade deadline approaches, with it comes the season in which contracts are evaluated and debated. According to Grant Hughes of Bleacher Report, the worst contract for the Portland Trail Blazers belongs to CJ McCollum. While Hughes notes that “worst” is relative depending on the team, his analysis of McCollum’s contract is not pretty.

Damian Lillard’s contract runs a year longer than CJ McCollum’s, and the six-time All-NBA guard is owed $76.2 million more from 2022-23 through the end of his deal than McCollum is.

Still, Lillard has been the reliable driver of an elite offense for most of his career, while McCollum is merely a good second option.

Dame has carried the Blazers to top-10 finishes in offensive efficiency in six of the last eight full seasons. He’s battled an abdominal issue this year, but even during his struggles, Portland has depended heavily on him to keep the scoring faucet on.

Lillard’s deal could look scary in 2024-25 when he’s making $48.8 million at age 34. But trade value is a good indicator of a contract’s quality, and Lillard’s worth is still far greater than McCollum’s in that regard.

If you’re going to pay exorbitant rates for a guard, it’s better to do it on one that has generally guaranteed top-notch play on offense.

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