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Huge Lillard, McCollum, Aldridge Announcements Ignite Blazers Podcast

The dynamic duo are back at it, celebrating the Blazers and roasting each other.

2021 USA Basketball: All-Access Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers podcast you love to love is back with you, as Dave and Dia hits its 43rd episode! This one is packed with off-season goodness as co-hosts Dave Deckard and Dia Miller talk about Larry Nance, Jr. complimenting Portland, Damian Lillard getting married, and CJ McCollum and his wife expecting their first child. They give you an inside peek into how the site covers personal news items and talk about sports media ethics for a bit. LaMarcus Aldridge’s return to the NBA and Harry Giles III joining the Los Angeles Clippers make the topic rotation too. Along the way, Dia insults Dave mortally, but Dave gets her back, invoking a glare that would make Bill Laimbeer step back and think twice. Plus you won’t BELIEVE all the things Dia doesn’t like to eat. #7 will blow your mind! (Well, not really, but it’s weird not eating this!)

You can join the dynamic duo on their fun summer romp by clicking here or pressing play on the embed below!