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How Many Games will the Trail Blazers Win This Season?

Plus Media Day, Ben Simmons is back, and more on the Dave and Dia Podcast!

San Antonio Spurs v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Your favorite Portland Trail Blazers podcast hosted by people whose names start with “D” is back! Dave Deckard and Dia Miller are here with the Dave and Dia podcast. This week we ask the BIG QUESTION: How many games will the Blazers win? Vegas has them in the low 40’s. As you might expect, Dia is more optimistic than that. Can you guess where Dave will fall? What’s your prediction?

We also go through reflections on almost all the interviews on Media Day, 2021. Who said something worth listening to, that changed the game? Who can be fast-forwarded through without missing a beat? How does Jusuf Nurkic really figure into Portland’s offense? How about Larry Nance, Jr.? And what’s the difference between drawing something up on paper and actually making it work? Do the Blazers really just need to improve their defense a little to become contenders, or is there more to it than that? Can you ever step on the same piece of water twice?

Make your win total predictions in the comments below and give the show a listen!

You can download the episode or subscribe to the series here. Or just click on the embed below!