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Why Larry Nance, Jr. is a Waffle and More Trail Blazers Talk

The Dave and Dia Podcast covers Portland’s Larry Nance Jr. trade, Ben Simmons, and snacks.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Sacramento Kings Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

Surprising everyone in Rip City, the Portland Trail Blazers finally made a move! Pigs and unicorns are flying as Dave Deckard and Dia Miller talk about the trade for Larry Nance, Jr. All is right with the world! Dia is suddenly back to her optimistic self, and Dave is back to talking about food. Did you know that Nance, Jr. is a waffle? It’s true, and Dave explains why!

After that, the duo talk about more off-season moves, the Ben Simmons furor, and CJ McCollum as a Top-10 shooting guard. (What exactly does that mean?) They review the Trail Blazers’ difficult schedule this season and the potential future championship parade Dame and CJ are dreaming of (we’re dreaming of it too). As usual, Dave asks Dia the tough questions, and in what is becoming a whole theme of its own on this podcast, the two finish the show talking even more about snacks. What are your faves?

All of this and more is covered on this week’s episode. Let us know what you think in the comments below.