What are the blazers worth to you?

For the last couple seasons I have been watching the blazers through Hulu. It costs me about $50/mo to add live tv to my hulu account which amounts to about $450 to watch a full NBA season. I watch exactly zero live tv other than blazers games. Now, my only real option is to switch to direct TV at $85/month which amounts to close to $800 for the season and is approaching $10 per game.

So that brings me to my question: how much are you willing to pay to watch a game on tv? I acknowledge watching games has value and I don't mind paying to receive that value. The question is what is that value and what's the limit you are willing to pay for it? I am struggling to answer that question for myself.

I can't image not watching the blazers, but it keeps getting harder to justify the cost. For many years, I was strictly a radio listener and I'd watch the 15 or so games each season that were on KGW. Occasionally, I'd go to the pub to watch a specific game. That always seemed fair to me - if I wanted more, I'd have to pay more to get it, but at least I had something. But now, without the KGW option, its harder to just ignore the greed that appears to be running the show. I'm feeling a bit like the frog in the pot - is it just me or is it getting hot in here? Is it really worth it anymore? I'm curious if others are having this conflict and how or if you are justifying the decision to keep forking over the ever increasing cost.