My top ten targets for a CJ McCollum trade

This roster desperately needs to be balanced by getting a 6'7" to 6'10" wing who is taller, longer, more athletic, and defensive minded, with some sort of offensive game. A CJ trade for a wing would also move Norm to the SG position. The Blazers would thus start 6'2", 6'4", 6'7", (6'7" to 6'10"), 7', instead of 6'2", 6'3", 6'4", 6'7", 7'.


- Assuming we're not getting a top tier player, so I am throwing out the top 30 on SI top 100 NBA players and starting with Ben Simmons at no. 31.

- Not taking into consideration whether the other team would desire CJ, or trading their player. This is just my wish list.

- Also not suggesting that these are even swaps, certainly their could or would be other considerations. It would just balance the roster in size, financially, and on how the team plays on both ends of the court.

For CJ McCollum (38):

1. Ben Simmons (31)

2. Brandon Ingram (33)

3. De'Andre Hunter (56)

4. Jeremi Grant (55)

5. Michael Porter Jr (52)

6. Harrison Barnes (67)

7. Pascal Siakam (44)

8. Tobias Harris (50)

9. Draymond Green (34)

10. Aaron Gordon (63)

[a bit of a reach, 11. Jonathan Isaac (95)]