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Chauncey Billups On Lillard, Nurk, Upcoming Season

At Media Day, the Blazers’ new head coach was optimistic yet interested in holding players accountable.

Portland Trail Blazers Introduce Chauncey Billups as Head Coach Press Conference Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

In his interview at Portland Trail Blazers’ media day, new head coach Chauncey Billups had a lot to say about his relationship with Damian Lillard, the growth of Jusuf Nurkic, and what can be expected from the 2021-22 squad. During the interview, Billups emphasized that he was about communication with players, as well as accountability, noting that he is not afraid to call players out by name during film sessions.

What I would call it is put an address on it. I’ve played for a lot of coaches that would say ‘We’ve got to put a better job.’ I’m gonna put an address on it. ... Nobody wants to be the star of the tape the next day.

On Damian Lillard, Billups says that the Blazers’ star point guard is all in for the upcoming season.

Dame and I — our relationship started long before I became head coach. Dame is either two feet in or two feet out and he’s two feet in right now. At the end of the day, Dame wants what we all want which is to be sccessful and to win.

Regarding Jusuf Nurkic, Billups says that the goal is for Nurk to grow into a facilitator role. He believes Nurkic can improve in his role, especially as a finisher. According to Billups, Nurkic is in shape and ready to go.