A Memorable Offseason For Melodramatic Reasons

I could have never predicted how crazy and drama-filled this offseason was going to be. It started off with a few bench-player signing for the Blazers, and the re-sign of Norman Powell. Pretty casual way to kick off free agency, but then the real roller coaster began with reports stating that Lillard wanted out. Those rumors eventually got squashed by Dame himself.

However, that couldn't quiet fans' concern over the empty roster spot for a back-up power forward until Portland traded DJJ for Larry Nance Jr. It seemed like that would be the end of the almost constant conflict we saw this summer, but then Ben Simmons happened and we've been dragged right back into never ending chaos. Now Zion Williamson is in the midst of a falling out with New Orleans Exec - David Griffin (who allegedly isn't a popular figure with other members of the organizations staff). And as if all of that hadn't contributed enough twists and turns to the ride, the Minnesota Timberwolves fired their President - Gersson Rosas, which prompted Karl Anthony Towns to tweet a pretty blunt acronym in response. For all our own perceived issues with the Portland Blazers organization, I am really really really glad I'm not a 76ers, Pelicans, or Minnesota fan right now.

Does anybody else feel like we should start making bingo cards for future offseasons?

I also wonder if Henry Abbott is looking at all the turmoil unfolding in the league right now and thinking to himself, 'Man, if I had just waited around patiently, I could have reported on things that I could verify instead of the big swing and miss I pulled instead.'