What Will It Take for Neil to Pull The Ben Trigger?

As much as I think it is worth trading CJ for Ben, it seems pretty clear Neil is not interested right now from everything I have read and heard (and maybe Philly isnt either). So the hypothetical game for all of BE to play (i wish we could still do polls). The Assumption is that Morey and Ben play hardball and he starts the season sitting out and by game 20 (thanksgiving) he is still available for a trade.

Where would the Blazers record have to be (assuming no major injuries etc.....) for Neil to pull the trigger

From my look at the firs t20 games, I would expect a minimum of 12-8 and I could realistically see us favored in 14-15 of those games

So, what say you? I would say if under .500 for sure, but is even 12-8 considered underperforming.

For those who dont wanna look up the schedule.(Bold is my predictions for wins, underlined are second of back to back)

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