I find it CURIOUS why Quinn Cook was added for training camp

Why would Portland bring in Quinn Cook when they have Dame, CJ, Norm, Ant, McLemore, Elleby and Dennis Smith at the guard positions already???

They can't keep 8...they really can't keep more than 4....unless

We may be sweetening our offer for Ben Simmons.

I think CJ plus Ant for Simmons is the deal

That leaves Dame, Norm, McLemore, Smith or Cook, and Elleby...i know he has guaranteed money but I'd waive Elleby. He's awful.

Our lineup balances out and we become above average on defense by adding the leagues best defender and an emerging wing defender.

Dame, Norm, Simmons, Nance and Nurk as starters

McLemore, Smith/Cook, Little, RoCo, Zeller as second unit

Deep bench: Chriss, Snell, Greg Brown, Elleby, Watford (2 way)