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Jacked Ramsays Live: Special Guest Justin Rowan

In this week’s show, Danny and Brandon welcome Justin Rowan of the Chase Down Podcast to talk everything Larry Nance Jr.

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Cleveland Cavaliers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Juan Ocampo/NBAE via Getty Images

Tonight @ 6 PM PST @DannyMarang & @BrandonSprague will be joined by Justin Rowan (@Cavsanada) of @ChaseDownPod to discuss the Portland Trail Blazers’ latest acquisition in Larry Nance Jr. Rowan has covered Nance’s time with the Cleveland Cavaliers and knows his game — and the person as well as anyone in the market. Flip on the stream, sit back, watch, listen and get involved! If you’ve got questions about Nance Jr, now is certainly the time to ask.

Beyond Larry Nance Jr, we’ll discuss the latest on reports that Ben Simmons is not reporting to camp for the Philadelphia 76ers and how a deal for CJ McCollum could be back on the table. Does Simmons fit with the Blazers? Does the addition of Nance Jr. make things a better or worse landing spot? Could Portland actually get more in return than just a straight swap (as has been indicated)? Are the Blazers really the favorite to land Simmons right now as multiple prop gambling sites have insisted?

Tune into the stream tonight at 6 PM PST and find out!

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