Lindy's Pro Basketball 2021-22 Magazine

I picked up Lindy's annual Pro Basketball magazine today. It's usually not that favorable to Portland and the Blazers' article is often written by someone in the Los Angeles market.

This year, I wish that they would have gotten someone from the Los Angeles market to do the write up on the Blazers....instead they got someone named David Friedman. Near as I can tell, he's the radio voice of the Winthrop University Eagles in South Carolina.

How about these gems of information:

1) I understand due to publishing deadlines that the player roster won't have all the additions and subtractions due to late summer player movement (such as Nance), and I'm fine with that. However, they list this year's coach to be Chauncey Billups and the assistant coaches to be Nate Tibbets, Dale Osbourne, John McCullough, Jim Moran and Jannero Pargo, Wow.....

2) One of my favorite parts of the article: "Damian Lillard is a talented and hard-working player, but the last time that a player his size was the best player on a championship team was 1989-90 when Isaiah Thomas led the Detroit Pistons to back to back titles. Yes, Tony Parker won the 2007 Finals MVP but Tim Duncan was the San Antonio Spurs' best player. The only other player shorter than 6-4 to win a Finals MVP since Thomas is Chauncey Billups in 2004, but Billups - who is the new Trail Blazers' coach - was a muscular 6-3 two-way player, while Lillard is barely 6-0 and is not a great defensive player. Other than 6-4 Dwyane Wade - who obviously is not only bigger than Lillard but played a much different game - every Finals MVP since 1990 has been at least 6-6."

Gee, David, and all this time I thought - for example - that Steph Curry was the best player on at least the Warriors' first championship team, but apparently it was Andre Iguodala or Draymond Green or Andrew Bogut.....I stand corrected....

The author makes repeated digs on Lillard throughout the article (did you know that it's Dame's fault that the Blazers haven't gotten past the first round recently?), which I can chock up to "everyone has a right to their opinion." But when he either gets his facts wrong or paints a word picture to try to mislead the audience, well, all I can say is that Mr. Friedman has written a piece using tactics that remind me of those used by a sports columnist for the Oregonian in his attempts to prove a point.

3) How about this for a question: "Does the front office think that Lillard can lead this team to a title?" Kind of speaks for itself....

Anyway, he says some nice things about CJ and Powell and Nurk, but the whole thing reads to me as a hatchet piece against Dame, whose "6-0 stature relegates him to playing just one position".