TWO TRADES That make us immediate contenders

First, let me start by saying we need to be bold, roll the dice, take some risk, etc. The proposed trades do just that.

If they work as planned, we contend immediately. If they don't, the proposed trades set us up for rebuild minus CJ and Dame.

Trade 1: Covington Sacramento for Marvin Bagley, Jr.

Why: Bagley needs a change of scenery and a leader (Dame) that can put his career on a higher trajectory. He won't get that in Sac because everyone is so young there. The former #2 pick in the draft has massive potential that Dame unlocks. Sac thinks they may sneak into the playoffs. They like Rashad Holmes and picked up Tristan Thompson, RoCo, as much fools gold as he is, fills a need in Sac. This trade only works because Sac has weak management. Pickup of Nance makes RoCo expendable.

Trade 2: Nurk to Washington for Montrezl Harrell and Daniel Gafford

Why: Harrell is pissed of and hungry. He hates the Lakers more than you and I. He's the kind of junkyard dog this team lacks/needs. We need hustle and toughness on the front line. Gafford is 22 years old and a mega-athletic big that showed significant flashes in last seasons playoffs. Zeller can platoon with Bagley and Gafford. Heck, Harrell and Nance can slide to the 5 as well. We get 100% more mentally and physically tough by shipping Nurk. No more coddling needed.


1. Dame, Simons

2. CJ, McLemore, Dennis Smith Jr.

3. Powell, Little, Snell

4. Nance, Harrell, Chriss

5. Zeller, Bagley, Gafford