New Trade Ideas (non Simmons and Siakim)

Trade 1 - KAT - All upside of getting a 2nd all star with Lillard, giving up a lot of certainty.

Trade 2 - Gordon - huge gamble if Gordon Hayward has anything left, better overall fit with the existing team.

Trade 3 - Klay - This one is crazy... if GS wants certainty rather than risk, Blazers try a three guard lineup with 2/3 good defenders. Figure out the front court later I guess. I'll admit I don't like this for either team.

Trade 4 - Defense - Milwaukee sees the offensive limitations in the team and play making, already has defense with Middleton, Blazers try something new.

These are hard to come by and likely don't make sense, but I was growing tired of the Simmons / Siakim trades, no matter how much those two make sense. Throw in picks where it makes sense, but LMK your thoughts or post your own.