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Adelman Thanks Blazers’ Fanbase in Hall of Fame Speech

Former Trail Blazers head coach Rick Adelman detailed his time in Portland during his Hall of Fame speech.

Rick Adelman claps

Former Trail Blazers coach Rick Adelman’s induction to the Basketball Hall of Fame featured a heartfelt speech that touched on his time in Portland. During this year’s ceremony, Adelman delivered an 11-minute speech that highlighted the greatness of Dr. Jack Ramsay and the Drexler-led teams from 30 years ago.

In case you missed it, here is the video of Adelman’s speech:

Adelman spoke of his humble coaching start at Chemeketa Community College and the early faith that Dr. Jack placed in him. When it came to the great Drexler-led teams, Adelman mentioned that group’s gaudy offensive rebounding numbers and joked that those figures might have been boosted by intentional misses.

Before recapping his time with the Kings, Adelman made it a point to thank the fans in Portland. Adelman spoke fondly of the city-wide support that those legendary Blazers teams enjoyed.

Adelman led the Blazers to two NBA Finals as a head coach and recorded 445 wins in six regular seasons. Before retiring, Adelman went on to coach with the Warriors, Kings, Rockets, and Timberwolves.