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Forecasting the Role That Nance Jr. Will Play with the Blazers

Danny Marang provides a detailed video assessment of Trail Blazers newcomer Larry Nance Jr.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

On this episode of The Breakdown, Danny Marang highlights what Trail Blazers newcomer Larry Nance Jr. can, and should bring to the team. The video features the three main attributes that the former Cavs forward brings to the table.

How will the Trail Blazers look to utilize Nance Jr. offensively? Where on the floor does he generate the most value? What about his playmaking makes him different from Robert Covington? What will his role be on the second unit?

Defensively, how will the Blazers maximize his skills? Where does he fall short? Where does he stand out? Will the addition of Nance Jr. be enough to make the defense come together?

Most importantly, well maybe not most, but how much fun will Nance Jr. be as a finisher? While he has shown some mild regression, Nance Jr. immediately becomes the best interior finisher on the Blazers’ roster. What can Portland look forward to when adding yet another dunk contestant?