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Phil Beckner Talks Relationship With Lillard, Player Development

On this edition of 1 On 1, the long-time skills coach reveals what makes the best of the best players just that.

Danny Marang sits down with longtime NBA skills coach, Phil Beckner — who has trained Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard, CJ McCollum & Mikal Bridges to name a few — to discuss what it’s like to be a development coach, including the process involved, setting the foundations, and the work necessary for players to perform at the highest levels. Beckner was recently hired as a coaching consultant for the Phildelphia 76ers, and he will assist the coaching staff in a variety of areas.

Here, Beckner details the early days with Lillard at Weber State, the genesis of their relationship, and how a former Blazer’s Edge staffer was there to see it up close and personal. Discussion centers around the habits and building blocks that the best of the best take — and where even some of the best and most talented players fall short.

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