Tax Dodging - What is the move now?

One of the common theories/assumptions around here lately is that, given the refusal to use our full exception, one of the front office/ownership's objectives is to stay below the luxury tax line to prevent going into the repeater tax this year (and keep us out of it for the next two as well, which happens to coincide with the remainder of Dame's current contract, iirc.)

My assumption was always that DJJ was the logical trade piece that would be used to bring in someone with a slightly lower salary to get below the tax threshold for the year, either now, or in a trade deadline deal. Now that DJJ has been traded for Nance, who fits the roster construction better but also has a higher salary, we are even farther over the tax line, and we still need to add at least a 14th player.

With DJJ gone, and Nance seemingly here to stay, what options do the Blazers have left that will get them below the tax threshold? Nasir Little for a minimum salary rookie? Would that even be enough savings? Simons?

Anyone on the team with a sizeable salary over a couple million bucks seems to be someone we wouldn't want to part ways with. I'm having trouble seeing how we get under the tax line but if that's the case, what was the point of being so frugal in FA?