Are There Any Updates to How-to-Watch-the-Blazers-on-TV for 2021-22?

I'm dealing just fine with the off-season moves or lack thereof and the odd uncertainty looming around the Blazers roster because I am so stoked that Kevin "Dr. Bumpenstein" Calabro is gonna be back with the play-by-play and Earth Wind & Fire lyrical references, bantering with Lamar about such subjects as swimming in spring-fed lakes and sensible ski slope attire, fawning over the fantastic feathering of floaters and leapin' leaners, I don't wanna miss a single play call if I can help it.

But as my wife recently brought up that the price of our YouTubeTV streaming service has gradually risen to the point that it is reminding us of what our cable bill was when we first started mithering about it being too much some 15-odd years ago or so, I remembered that it was announced mid-last-season that some network called Root or whatever was gonna be the new home of Blazers telecasts for the upcoming season, and that they didn't have a deal yet with YouTubeTV. So....

How're y'all gonna be watching the Blazers (legitimately (since rogue streams are verboten 'round here))? Is Root just some channel you get in the primary market area? I'm beyond that horizon here in Olympia, I reckon (yet still basically in the market area enough that I can't just get League Pass 'cos Blazer home games'll be blocked for me). I'd never heard about this Root outfit and don't know what it is. Should I switch to some other streaming service? Hulu perhaps? I figure it'd be weird if one of the main guys who reps "Hulu has live sports!" was suddenly unviewable on Hulu, so Root is on Hulu, right? Or whatever other streaming service you use? Please let me know.

As it is, I was really only keeping YouTubeTV just to watch Blazer games and other NBA programming and the occasional hate-watch as Chris Cuomo passes the baton to Don Lemon in the cringiest manner a'la the cable news anchorman equivalent of two dogs sniffin each other's butts and bonding like bros. But why bother gaslighting myself like that when life in general and the world we live in provides plenty of that all the time anyway?