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Trail Blazers Approach Free Agency with Many Questions

The Jacked Ramsays Podcast takes on a turbulent, difficult season in Portland.

Houston Rockets v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

On the inaugural edition of the Jacked Ramsays podcast - Danny Marang and new co-host Brandon Sprague of 1080 The Fan re-introduce themselves and ask you to subscribe to the brand new feed while opening up the mailbag full of questions to get things started heading into the Trail Blazer’s free agency season!

Will the Blazers re-sign Norman Powell? Should Jusuf Nurkic be given a bigger role within the team - regardless of what else happens? What is your favorite all-time Blazers 5 (which is different than asking the best)? Could Pascal Siakam to Portland be real or just a myth? Is Ben Simmons to Portland still possible? How concerned should you be about the standing of Damian Lillard if Powell doesn’t re-sign and/or CJ McCollum isn’t traded? What is the likelihood of Portland being able to obtain a sought after free agent?