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Will Norman Powell Re-Sign with the Blazers in Free Agency?

Danny Marang and Jake Fischer discuss the likelihood of Powell ending up in Portland.

Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

No name is more crucial to the fortunes of the Portland Trail Blazers over the next week than Norman Powell. If the free agent wing re-signs with the Blazers, they have depth and flexibility on the floor. If he signs elsewhere, all of that is gone, with no serious benefit on the cap ledger.

In this double-dose launch of the Jacked Ramsay podcast, Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report joins Danny Marang of Blazer’s Edge to give some insight into the free agency market for Powell as NBA Free agency opens up. What it could Portland’s offer look like? How long could it take for him to sign? Most importantly, what teams will give the Trail Blazers competition for Powell’s services?

Danny and Jake also look at frontcourt options for Portland and the likelihood of a CJ McCollum trade. They debate Pascal Siakam vs. Ben Simmons and ask when such a move might be made, if it’s in the offing.

We’ve got you covered with a quick hit before free agency kicks off here on Jacked Ramsays!