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5 Free Agent Point Guard Targets for the Trail Blazers

Danny Marang tackles one of the big questions facing Portland: who backs up Dame?

The Portland Trail Blazers have several options available to them this summer, including trades, re-signing their own players, or plumbing the depths of the NBA free agent market. Today on The Breakdown, I take a look at the latter, examining five potential free agent point guards who could help the Blazers next season. Whether or not they opt to move CJ McCollum, Portland will need to find another ball handler to back up Damian Lillard. If history is any indicator, that player might well come from the open market, signed with an exception or an inexpensive veteran deal.

I also look at the likelihood of Carmelo Anthony moving on and the chances of the Blazers re-tooling or redesigning how the second unit is run. Shot creators at different levels? A bench general to lead and play-make for others? A defensive specialist to slow down an opponent or perhaps someone in between? Find all this and more on The Breakdown!