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Haynes Connects Jason Kidd with Trail Blazers Coaching Position

Terry Stotts is not gone yet, but rumors are already starting to fly.

Los Angeles Lakers v Washington Wizards Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers have not yet announced a decision about the future of Head Coach Terry Stotts, but rumors are already circulating that Jason Kidd could be among the candidates considered for his replacement should he be relieved of his duties. Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports mentioned Kidd in connection with the Trail Blazers position as a side note in an article covering Los Angeles Lakers forward Anthony Davis.

Kidd — who was previously a head coach in Brooklyn and Milwaukee — is expected to interview for the Boston Celtics head coach opening and is expected to be a top target of the Portland Trail Blazers with the anticipation that Terry Stotts will be relieved of his duties after nine seasons with the team, sources said.

Kidd previously coached for a single season with the Brooklyn Nets in 2013-14 before serving four years in the lead position with the Milwaukee Bucks. He holds a 183-190 cumulative record, 9-15 in the post-season.

Kidd also has a history of controversy behind the scenes with multiple organizations and legal issues, including domestic violence and driving while intoxicated.