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Ben Simmons, Becky Hammon, and Other People We Want on the Blazers

The Dave and Dia podcast talks trades, coaches, and much more.

Portland Trail Blazers v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers podcasts often take a dip in the off-season, but not Dave and Dia! This week Dia Miller returns from covering the Americup in Puerto Rico and shares about her experience. Then she and Dave Deckard dive into Ben Simmons as a trade possibility, more potential coaches for the Blazers (hint: they like some more than others), and Damian Lillard in the Olympics. As usual, they add in a few little side trips along the way, and one of those leads to a confession that Dia never thought she’d have to make. In fact, Dave does a double-take and accuses her openly of stealing his brain, or of something happening to her during the trip.

As always, you can hear the podcast, find older episodes, or even (gasp!) subscribe by clicking through this link. Or... and stay with us here... you can just click on the embed below.