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Is there a Window for the Blazers to Land Simmons?

In this week’s episode, Blazer’s Edge contributor Danny Marang dives into what the Sixers’ postseason exit could mean for the Trail Blazers.

2021 NBA Playoffs - Atlanta Hawks v Philadelphia 76ers Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

In this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, host Danny Marang dives into the potential for a blockbuster trade between the Trail Blazers and Sixers. Could the Blazers swing a deal for Ben Simmons? On the coaching front, Danny touches on the current timeline and Rick Carlisle’s availability. Danny also looks at the current roster and explains that Portland’s youth could play a significant role in reserve rotations in the 2021-22 season.


Here are the questions for this week’s show:

If the Blazers were able to swing a CJ plus trade for Simmons. 1. Would the Blazers have the pieces for a trade for Myles Turner from the Pacers? 2. What would that look like? 3. Would that be a good follow up move to provide shooting and spacing?

Flatcap Goalkeeper


Has the Dallas and other coaching news affected the timeline for the Blazers coaching hire process? What is the latest they can reasonably wait until they need this sorted? #ripcity


Any thoughts on the bench for next year? Could a group of Ant, Nas, DJJ, Collins and a new, pass-happy, up-tempo point be sneaky good?

Jeremy Krecklow


If you could have your choice of the lot what is the order you put these guys in, in terms of want, fit and probability. Simmons seems the most portable now after this last series. Which is crazy to think about going to the playoffs.







Colin Petitt

So if Portland truly is able to pick up Simmons do you think they’d have to move Nurkic to better maximize him? Feels like a floor spacing big would be needed (I like Portis with the TPME). In this case what would Nurkic’s value be?

Bark City BBQ


Not sure on the coach!

Free agency- get better! I don’t care who’s on the team! - just win!

Pork ribs and brisket!

Simmons is way better on defense! We can’t have two bad defenders in our backcourt!



Ben Simmons. Is his defense and distribution/facilitation enough to offset a player of that caliber not being able to be counted on in crunch time to make shots? Love the defense and length, but do we have or need to add more complimentary pieces to have everything fit?

Joel, just Joel


CJ spoke about successfully reaching playoffs since being in Portland... Is there a complacency in this team?

Burnsy (he/him)


I don’t get Simmons as a buy-low. He may not be playing great but all the reasons you say he’s a tremendous pickup for POR is exactly why PHI keeps him AND they’re on the cusp of the eastern conference finals. What’s their motivation other that drastic overpay by POR?

wayne hughes


Is there really a chance of no changes on this current roster? I hope Neil can pull of some big moves. His working around the fringes has not worked!!



If we pick up Ben Simmons do we need to hunt after a Myles turner esque player to help space the floor? I feel like the Dame+Simmons pnr would be unstoppable with the floor spaced properly