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2021 NBA Playoffs Game Night Thread

Talk over the evening’s slate of NBA games with your fellow fans!

Los Angeles Clippers v Dallas Mavericks - Game Four Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The 2021 NBA Playoffs continue tonight with four games. The Washington Wizards and Philadelphia 76ers are already in progress, with Philly about to clinch the series. The Atlanta Hawks also lead the New York Knicks and are threatening to walk away with that matchup.

But for West Coast fans, particularly those in the camp of the Portland Trail Blazers, the evening games offer more interest.

The Utah Jazz and Memphis Grizzlies will tip at 6:30 PM, Pacific on NBATV. Utah leads 3-1 and will try to vanquish the Grizzlies in Salt Lake City.

Even more intriguing is the Los Angeles Clippers - Dallas Mavericks matchup. That series is tied 2-2. The Clippers will host, with a 7:00, Pacific tip on TNT.

If and when the Trail Blazers reach the Western Conference Finals, they will face one of the teams playing tonight.

These “off-night” threads are a little looser than normal Game Day Threads at Blazer’s Edge. Please be respectful and avoid profanity. As always, try to create conversation rather than end it at the expense of your neighbors. But other than that, knock yourselves out. It’s ok to follow the game or go a little bit off-topic if you think of something interesting (probably basketball-related) to talk about.

Enjoy the evening, and Go Whomever the Blazers Can Beat!