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Talking Similarities and Trades Between the Pacers and Blazers

Incisive NBA analyst Caitlin Cooper joins Dave Deckard to talk Blazers, Pacers, and the links between them.

Portland Trail Blazers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s the best day of the week for Portland Trail Blazers podcast fans, as a brand new Dave and Dia episode has just dropped! Every seven days you get a new chance to hear what Dave Deckard and Dia Miller think of the hottest Blazers topics, and that will continue all summer long.

This episode is a little different, however. Dia is in Puerto Rico, covering the Americup tournament through her camera lens. Fortunately, we found an amazing guest co-host to sit in with Dave. Caitlin Cooper of Indy Cornrows (on Twitter @C2_Cooper) is one of the best analysts and writers in the biz. She’s also a prolific podcaster.

You can tune in to hear Caitlin and Dave talk about the similarities between the Pacers and Blazers (hint: there are many), sharing head coaching lineages, Terry Stotts as a coach, potential trades, how available Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner are, the national perception of the Blazers, a fairly impartial read on CJ McCollum, and more!

You can listen to the podcast and/or subscribe by clicking here, or just hit the embed below!