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Key Points from the Blazers’ Game 1 Win & Future Adjustments

Danny Marang dives into the hot topics from the Trail Blazers’ Game 1 victory over the Nuggets.

2021 NBA Playoffs - Portland Trail Blazers v Denver Nuggets Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

On this episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Danny Marang goes rapid fire with a look back at the Portland Trail Blazers’ win in Game 1 over the Denver Nuggets. What went right, what went wrong, and a closer look at the games top performers. After coving the major topics, Marang worked through a list of listener questions.



Opening comments

Game 1 takeaways 2:00

The good, bad and the ugly

Portland shines in Game 1 - no ball stopping! 4:00

Carmelo Anthony, have a game

Damian Lillard is THAT guy, shocking 6:00

Jusuf Nurkic delivers 7:00

Game plan was incredibly solid 9:00

Playing Nikola Jokic heads up 10:00

Anfernee Simons and Melo leading the bench charge 11:30

Quick thought on rotations 14:30

Game 2 adjustments for Denver 15:00

Getting Jokic in the middle of the floor 17:30

Bad shooting luck 18:00

Does Denver play less aggressively 20:00

Listener questions!

Adrian Bernecich @abernecich

What happens when MPJ starts hitting shots?

Twhite27 @Twhite273

Is Enes Kanter playable in this series against Jokic? If so (or not) who should replace or take his minutes

Christopher Mazzeo @Maznorthwest

Thoughts on if the Nuggets go with a big line up and if so, how do Blazers handle that?

henny @wtfPNW

What do you think our chances of getting to the 2nd round are after game one? What was most encouraging about last night?

AtomAntium @Atom__Antium

Did Powell just have a rough night? Or is the match-up vs him gonna be a struggle this series?

Closing thoughts