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Anthony Ready to Battle Nuggets

Carmelo Anthony is set to take on the team that drafted him for the first time in the postseason.

Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony will suit up for his 16th playoff series this Saturday when he and the Portland Trail Blazers face off against the Denver Nuggets — the team that drafted him 18 years ago. Anthony told Jamie Hudson at NBC Sports Northwest while he would always be fond of his time in Denver, he was focused on what he could do to ensure the Blazers moved onto the second round.

“That place will always hold something special to me, regardless of if I’m in that jersey or as an opponent.”

“I don’t have to prove anything. I want to go out there and play good and hard and I’ll be prepared mentally and physically for the postseason. I know what I have to do. I know what my team needs from me.”

Anthony also highlighted how the week off between games would help him both physically and psychologically.

“I’m utilizing this week to the best of my ability. We’ve got to get the proper recovery, the proper work, but you’ve also got to understand you as an individual and what you’re doing, and what you need, and the preparation you need to go out there and be prepared for this battle.”

“I know what I need from a body standpoint, from the amount of work that I need… This week gave me an opportunity to do that.”

Throughout his playoff career, Anthony has averaged 23.9 points, 7 rebounds and 2.5 assists, playing stints with the Blazers, Nuggets, New York Knicks and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Blazers and Nuggets will play Game 1 in Denver on Saturday, tipping off at 7.30pm PT.

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